Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear world

What do you do if you are given something that you feel like you don't deserve? Now i'm not talking like someone giving you a pretty cool gift or something. I'm talking about your average guy getting the girl of his dreams. How does one react to this? 
I have always been pretty humble, maybe even too humble. Its hard for me to accept compliments, i am working on getting better at this seemingly easy task. But i guess this causes me to see this gift, opportunity, whatever you wan't to call it as something that is tough to deal with. I wish things could be simpler in my life. If i get the girl of my dreams my life should be like a Jack Johnson song or some shit. I shouldn't deeply contemplate whether or not I deserve this shit. I should just smile and move the fuck on with the great ride.


  1. interesting

  2. Just enjoy.